Gina Stewart

Co-host of Bushwhacking: An Adventure and Writing Retreat

Gina Stewart has led more than three dozen adventure retreats with the Bold Betties, a women’s outdoor adventure group. As an Alpha Bettie, Gina has organized domestic and international trips in accommodations ranging from tent camping to luxury lodges, with activities including hiking, ziplining, mountain biking, waterfall wading, kayaking, and Class V whitewater rafting.

With an emphasis on safety and inclusion, Gina strives to make sure that each participant knows what to expect and will be surrounded by fellow adventurers who support each other in expanding their comfort zones. Gina also ensures that the food is delicious and nourishing and that we spend lots of time around campfires – and sometimes even cook exclusively with fire!

Gina has a PhD in organic chemistry and teaches cooking classes as The Chemist in the Kitchen. Recent offerings include amuse-bouche (fancy French appetizers) and tamales. Gina is willing to discuss the intersection of anthropology and food, how our foodways evolved, and the science/chemistry of transforming foodstuffs by cooking.

Gina’s day job is writing patents in the pharmaceutical space, enabling companies to bring life-saving and life-enhancing cutting edge medicines to market.

To register for the writing and adventure retreat, click the link below.

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