Jennifer McGaha

Jennifer McGaha’s memoir Flat Broke with Two Goats is forthcoming from Sourcebooks in January of 2018.

“This sweet miracle of a memoir tells the story of a struggling couple who have to lose their house, and just about everything else, to find home.” – Tommy Hays, author of The Pleasure Was Mine

“An easy read with a warm tone, like hearing from an old friend, McGaha’s memoir is touching, funny, and hard to put down.” – Booklist

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18 thoughts on “Jennifer McGaha

  1. I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Your writing style is so comfortable…I felt like I was sitting next to you as you told me your story. It will be a favorite to sell in my store! If you ever want to visit the beach, come to Topsail and we’ll do an event!

  2. Jennifer, your book just popped up as a recommended read and I ordered immediately for my kindle. Then I got to thinking…is she from the McGaha family in Transylvania. I googled you…saw your Muddy Sneakers story in Smoky Mtn Living and concluded you must be! What a wonderful family, love the Chapel, the “Sons of Mercy and Justice” We are south for the winter but so good to have a bit of “God’s Place” in my living room this morning.

    Getting ready to start a fun afternoon with a good read.

    Best wishes,
    Carol Vickery

  3. Jennifer,
    I am home in Chicago home with the flu. I just read your book in one sitting and oh my gosh, what a great wonderful story! So glad you had the courage to tell your story and share with the world. Congratulations and thank you!

  4. I met you at Malprops and heard you read from your book. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading Flat Broke with Two Goats! It delighted my heart. I love how you write so honestly about your situation but also how you reflected and grew throughout the story. I feel as though I know you. Thank you for a warm-hearted read – I wish you the very best in your literary future.

  5. Started your book yesterday and finished it today. Loved it: your story, the animals’ stories, the back to basics story. I live in the Asheville area so know many of the areas you mentioned. I feel better and wiser after reading your story. Thanks.

  6. I live in Mobile, Al. but have family in and about Blue Ridge Ga. as well as Andrews Nc. Having spent quite a bit of time in your corner of the world, I could envision all of the mountains, falls the back roads and critters that you bring to life in your book. Being a bit world weary and ragged at the moment myself, I found inspiration and tremendous hope as I turned each page. Thank you so much for sharing your ordeals and triumphs, the telling of which has lifted my spirits.

  7. Great writing Jennifer, There have only been three books I have read in one sitting. Flat Broke with Two Goats is #3. Thanks. I live in Asheville and Jackie Kuhn gave me her signed copy. Maybe we will cross paths someday. You are a woman of strong character.

  8. Hi Jennifer,
    Reading your book now, and while I cannot put it down and I am sad to be almost finished. I also right before your book the current best-seller the Woman in the Window and I have to say yours is better….hands down! Thank you from Bainbridge, OH a suburb of Cleveland.

  9. Is your book “flat broke with 2 goats” available anywhere other than Amazon? I don’t like to order online. Would love to read it, but the only bookstore near me is Books-a-Million. Also buy books at Walmart or Sams Club.

    • Hi, Shirley. Thanks so much for asking about my book. It is available at Sam’s Club – at least at the ones in my area. It’s also available at Target, Barnes and Noble, and many independent bookstores. Where do you live?

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