Jennifer McGaha

Jennifer McGaha’s memoir Flat Broke with Two Goats is forthcoming from Sourcebooks in January of 2018.

“This sweet miracle of a memoir tells the story of a struggling couple who have to lose their house, and just about everything else, to find home.” – Tommy Hays, author of The Pleasure Was Mine

“An easy read with a warm tone, like hearing from an old friend, McGaha’s memoir is touching, funny, and hard to put down.” – Booklist

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8 thoughts on “Jennifer McGaha

  1. I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Your writing style is so comfortable…I felt like I was sitting next to you as you told me your story. It will be a favorite to sell in my store! If you ever want to visit the beach, come to Topsail and we’ll do an event!

  2. Jennifer, your book just popped up as a recommended read and I ordered immediately for my kindle. Then I got to thinking…is she from the McGaha family in Transylvania. I googled you…saw your Muddy Sneakers story in Smoky Mtn Living and concluded you must be! What a wonderful family, love the Chapel, the “Sons of Mercy and Justice” We are south for the winter but so good to have a bit of “God’s Place” in my living room this morning.

    Getting ready to start a fun afternoon with a good read.

    Best wishes,
    Carol Vickery

  3. Jennifer,
    I am home in Chicago home with the flu. I just read your book in one sitting and oh my gosh, what a great wonderful story! So glad you had the courage to tell your story and share with the world. Congratulations and thank you!

  4. I met you at Malprops and heard you read from your book. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading Flat Broke with Two Goats! It delighted my heart. I love how you write so honestly about your situation but also how you reflected and grew throughout the story. I feel as though I know you. Thank you for a warm-hearted read – I wish you the very best in your literary future.

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