28 thoughts on “Photos

  1. maryea2011

    Hello Ms. McGaha,
    I just now finished your book. All the way through, I cheered with you and for you, felt the wonder and happiness you found along the way, empathized with the hurdles you faced, identified with the decisions you regretted.
    Thank you so much for writing about, and sharing, your journey. For your honesty and openness, your humour and determination.
    I do hope that your story may return as a movie one day!
    Mary Armstrong
    Calgary, Alberta

  2. Steph

    Lovely. Thank you for the reminder and commiseration with someone else who lost their house. I, though, ditched the husband.

  3. I’m reading your book now … and loving it! My daughter, her friend and I just visited Asheville to visit Warren Wilson (only a possibility if she gets an amazing amount of financial aid / scholarships for I live as you currently do) and when it popped up on R.E.A.D.S. as a ‘national book club read’ (not certain if that’s correct title) and saw you are in the Asheville area, I thought “YES!” Although my only animal now is a lovely indoor lover of a cat, I grew up farming and so enjoy listening to your stories about the chickens and beloved goats! We had sheep, cattle & horses + dogs we used to muster the cattle. Australia. Big farm. And yes, we had to keep our love of the beasts at bay when the sales, droughts and or floods came. But it all gave me a deep appreciation of the land, animals, flora and the tenacity of this gift of life!

    No, $ never gives us much – it is only a common tool much like a pen, hammer, chair etc.
    Oh dear, I must return to weekend chores now, so know you are in my ears as I do so!

    Many thanks to you for sharing your tales AND the photos! Please post more 🙂

    ~ Giselle.

  4. Laura

    I thoroughly enjoyed the audio book of your memoir. What a beautiful (and beautifully written) story! Thank you for telling your story, sharing your struggles and triumphs. Thank you for the courage it took, and the joy that bubbled through. I laughed out loud many times. Please, write more!

  5. Gwen A. Score

    Beautiful pictures. Any pictures of the cabinets self? Would you be willing to post some? I absolutely loved your book. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  6. Kathie

    I enjoyed your book and empathized because I’ve faced similar challenges. I now live south of Buffalo, NY in a small chalet that has a mouse problem and is slowly sliding down the hill. But friends and family have been so supportive and I’ve managed to overcome my financial issues all on my own. So glad you shared your journey.

  7. J – I have finished your book! Many thanks for so eloquently sharing your new life with all of us! Clearly you do understand the paramount delights of life. That you bond so substantially with your dear animals, nay, friends, is truly remarkable and inspirational. I find myself yearning for such a lovely encompassing group of human and animal friends! The former I am blessed to have; the latter, well, in my wee little home with no acreage, it shall remain a dream energized by you. Perhaps it may be in my future, and if that comes to fruition, I shall definitely remind all who inspired me!

    Again, immense gratitude to you for taking that plunge and writing it all down and then taking that extra step to publication.

    Warm regards,


      1. Thank you Jennifer!
        By the way – are you at a place now where you sell your hand-made goat milk products? And if so, is there a way to peruse those offerings? (a different website perhaps?)
        No worries if not. I am an artist who just must market my wares ~ but I have yet to actually do so as I find it tremendously difficult to part with my creative ventures! (I paint crosses of my own creation – in that I skill sawed them from Masonite and now apply paint in a pointillism style – and I have so many ‘almost’ finished! What a lark is art!

        Thank you for replying to my comment to you, Best Inspirational Woman of 2018!

      2. I don’t actually sell my milk products yet, but I would love to some time in the future. Very cool about the crosses you create! They sound lovely. And thank you so much.

  8. Cara M Carder

    I also just finished and very much enjoyed your books. I would love to see pictures of David and your kids. As well as the animals with their names! I think I know which one is Hester but I might be confusing her with Reba. Plus I want to know which goats are which. Thank you

  9. I wish I would’ve seen the pics before or while I read the book. It would’ve helped picture it all. I wasn’t too far off! I was wondering how you all are doing now.

  10. Kadie

    I have been enjoying your book so much! I found your site looking for a picture of Merle and his epic beard. I was thrilled to find pictures of your mountain clan.

    Thank you for opening up about your troubles. I think that many of us can relate in our own way. It’s not always the easiest thing to talk about, so I applaud you for doing so. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and wish you and your family all the best.

  11. Margaret Hollar

    I enjoyed reading your book; it was inspiring. However, I must say that the success you had in changing your life depended a lot on that fact that the two of you are such hard workers and obviously on the same page (you just got lost in the margins and gutters for a little while). The commitment you have to each other, even though there were many reasons to part, is a shining point in your memoir!

  12. Brooks Webb

    Listened to your book driving back and forth from Lexington, Ky. to Hazard, Ky. (home and work). Piper, my rescue friend found in a dumpster, rode shotgun. I swear she listened also. I have a picture of her just staring at me the entire time.

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